Sample Executive Briefing Cover Letter

The executive briefing is a completely different type of cover letter. It is also an extremely effective tool to use anytime that you have knowledge of an open position from an online job posting, help-wanted ad, or personal referral. This type of cover letter gets directly to the point and makes it easy for the reader to determine your level of qualification for their job opening. Why should you send an executive briefing cover letter?

1. It directly pairs the listed requisites with the appropriate skills that you have, making evaluation significantly easier for the reader.

2. The first resume reviewer in Human Resources may not have a complete understanding of the position or its necessities, so an executive briefing directly pairs the open job’s requirements with your qualifications. This is an extremely useful tool for someone working on dozens of job openings at one time.

3. Your general resume will always require some customization for every specific job. The executive briefing enables you to fill in any gaps in a concise and beneficial way.

4. Envision that a great opportunity has come your way, but your resume is fairly out-of-date and you must send something out immediately in order to take advantage of this great opportunity. An executive briefing would allow you to easily bring your work history right up-to-date.

An executive briefing can also aid you through resume screening and multiple interview cycle. The reason for this is that you will likely be interviewed by several different people, not all of whom will likely have a complete understanding of the needs of the job. When this happens, is when the difficulties begin.

A manager may ask an employee to “Spend a few minutes with this applicant and give me your impression.” This means that these other interviewers don’t have any way to judge you justly and expressly for the requirements of the job. While the manager will be searching for particular skills associated with projects, the personnel department will be trying to match up your skill set to the list of job requirement from the job description manual.

Additionally, by bringing several copies of your resume and the executive briefing, neatly stapled together, you ensure that everyone with whom you interview will have the specific job requirements and your matching abilities on a document right in front of them.

From: best_accountant01

Subject: RE: Accounting Manager

Date: October 4, 2010

To: blsmith

Dear Mr. Smith,

I have ten years of experience in accounting and am responding to you recent post on CareerBuilder for an Accounting Manager position. Please permit me to spotlight my abilities as they pertain to your listed requisites.

Your Requisites

My Experience

Degree in accounting, 4 years experience Graduated with a Certified Accounting degree in 1999, and have many more than four years’ experience as an Accounting Manager

Excellent leadership and people skills

Efficiently managed a staff of 30; capable of motivating staff, including supervisors

Compelling administrative skills Assisted in the advancement of base reference skills-library with Microsoft Excel for more than 500 clients

Excellent communication skills Trained new staff and supervisors through technical skill conferences, daily coaching, and communication meetings

My resume, pasted below and attached in Microsoft Word, should elaborate on my background and qualifications. I hope this executive briefing helps you to use your time effectively today, I am ready to make a career move, so I hope we can talk soon.


Adrian Brown