What’s in a Cover Letter Introduction?

Cover letter introductions are crucial to the success of your job search. Great introductions capture the hiring manager’s attention and entice her to keep reading. Here are six options to get you started.

One of the simplest cover letter strategies is to address your letter to a specific individual. Take the time to find out who will be reviewing the job applications. If the job advertisement does not include an individual’s name, call the company and ask to whom you should address your letter. Nine times out of ten, the receptionist will willingly pass on that information.

Once you’ve greeted the individual reviewing the applications, you have a number of options.

Option 1

An effective and simple technique is to state the position you’re applying for and where you saw the job posted.


“Dear Ms. Jones,

Please accept my application for the xxxx position advertised on xxxx’s website.”

Option 2

If you’ve already talked with the hiring manager about the position, mention your conversation in the introduction.


“I enjoyed speaking with you about the xxxx position and would like to apply for the position we discussed.”

Option 3

Perhaps the hiring manager favors your alma mater or has already hired graduates from your school. You could begin your letter by noting your school and your major.


“As a graduate of Colby College with a major in English Literature and a certificate in Elementary Education, I am uniquely qualified to apply for the Fourth Grade English Teacher position advertised in xxxx.”

Option 4

If someone recommended you for the job, begin your letter with that information!


“Henry Smith suggested I write to you about the xxxx position at xxxx.”

Option 5

If you haven’t spoken with the hiring manager or been recommended by someone but you feel your personality, interests, and work habits make you the perfect candidate for the job, open your letter with your enthusiastic assessment of how your talents will work for the company.


“A hard-working self-starter, I am an enthusiastic team player who is excited about the thought of contributing to xxxx’s (company name) sales, marketing, customer service (department where you want to work) department and helping that department attain its goals.

Option 6

Finally, if something about the company caught your eye or impressed you and that information led you to apply for the position, open your cover letter with that information.


“Dear Ms. Jones,

“Upgrade Your Beds for Holiday Guests”

This Cuddledown headline caught my eye as both a copywriter and consumer. As a writer, I make it my business to read copy in all forms and therefore, make sure my inbox is filled with a variety of correspondence and sales offers. As a consumer, Cuddledown’s message hit a chord – spruce up my home for holiday guests? Good idea.

Please accept my application for the Copywriter/PR Coordinator posted on Cuddledown’s website. In response to this opportunity… “

So, as you can tell, there are many ways to begin your cover letter introduction. The trick is to find the one that works for you…

Best of luck in your job search.